Dog Sprints Right Through A Fence And Lands The Most Perfect Front Flip






Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 8.52.06 AM




I give it a 10!  A 10!  A fucking 10!  Perfect execution.  Perfect landing.  Perfect everything.  If this were the And 1 Mixtape Tour then people would’ve lost their goddamn minds (and I’d be drinking code red Mt. Dew at 2am).  They’d carry that dog off the court on their shoulders.  The announcer would be losing his shit.  He’d forever be a legend.  It didn’t even phase the pup either.  That was the best.  It could’ve been a brick wall in from of him and he still would’ve found a way to get through it.  All he knew was that he wanted the frisbee and nothing was gonna stand in his way.  Dogs gonna dog.


PS- What kind of shitty fence is that anyway?  Hard to even call it a fence.