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Wake Up With The Greatest Moments In USA Hockey History(Of Which There Are Many)

We have come a LONGGGGG way. The United States is a World Hockey power and they proved it again last night. Canada hadn't given up a 5 on 5 goal, they were out scoring opponents 41-4, their defense was the deepest unit I can remember, they thought last night was a coronation and not a contest. WRONG. America whipped that ass...again. The Gold Medal count since 2010 now stands at USA-4 Canada-3. Something that was unthinkable 15 years ago. The United States has ascended to the #1 spot in the hockey power rankings and there is nothing Canada can do about it. I honestly feel bad for them. Their entire source of pride is about hockey and being nice, but they're not nice on social media because they're mad about hockey so now they have nothing. It's been an incredible run. No longer an upset when USA wins gold. 

My personal favorite "AMONTE HAS BROKEN THE TIE!!!!"