Tom Cruise Actually Hung Onto The Side Of A Plane For That Ridiculous Mission Impossible Stunt




Listen, good for Tom Cruise.  He does his own stunts.  Or at least this one.  Remember that used to be what Jackie Chan said in every interview he did?  “Jackie, what is it like working with Chris Tucker?” I do my own stunts.  “Jackie, how many Rush Hours are they gonna make before we have to actually kill you guys so you’ll stop making them?” I do my own stunts.  And now here comes Tommy Cruise hanging onto the side of a fucking plane as it takes off.  Not a stunt double.  Not some CGI shit where he’s on a green screen in an airplane hanger.  Nope, he’s actually hanging off the side of a plane.  I read somewhere that they did it 5 times.  That’s cool and awesome I guess but why is Cruise doing this?  Makes zero sense and I’ll show you one number why it makes zero sense.



Here it is


Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 8.24.20 AM


470 million.  That’s the number.  That’s how much money Cruise has.  He’s made it!  He could wake up today and never get out of bed again and everything would be just fine for him and his future generations.  He could lay in that bed until he dies and nothing would change in his life financially.  Why the fuck would a guy like that risk his life for a stupid Mission Impossible movie?  There’s no reason.  There’s a VERY small percentage of people who live a life where they have a net worth of a half a billion and Tom is gonna risk that on a stunt.  Fuck that.  Have some bottom-of-the-ladder stunt double do it.  It doesn’t matter if he dies.  It matters if Tom cruise dies because he doesn’t get to spend that money.  If I had that kind of money I’d pull a Peter Gibbons and do nothing.  Absolutely nothing. I would sit on my ass all day. I sure as hell wouldn’t strap myself to the side of a plane and risk having it all be over in an instant. Then again, that’s one of the many differences between myself and Mr. Tom Cruise I suppose.