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Bobby Mac Reporting That Eight Players Will PJ To NHL Camps In The States After Tonight's Game

Talk about a whirlwind. Seven of the eight guys listed above will play in the WJC gold medal game starting shortly then jump on a private jet after the game and wake up in the city of the team that drafted them into the NHL before joining their respective training camps ASAP (the eighth guy is going too but just not playing tonight). Not to mention, these guys are going to make three non-playoff teams better than they are today (especially LA). 

Also, nothing epitomizes hockey more than pounding the shit out of each other for all the marbles then splitting a ride home together while enjoying a few pops.

But I kinda like Biz's idea to toughen some of these guys up before they hit the National.

In case you're not familiar, Ernie Els basically pummels his PJ guests. Just guys being dudes.

If you never heard the original story, Mike Commodore told it on Episode 90 of Spittin' Chiclets back in 2018 and it's a classic.