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We All Knew Tom Cruise Was Nuts, But I Didn't Know He Was THIS Certifiably Batshit To Actually Hang Off A Plane

Um…I think there’s CGI for that kind of stuff now, Tom. There’s resting all your hopes and dreams on Scientology, anti-medication, and that shrimp WR Rod Tidwell kind of crazy, and then there’s this. Screw dangling off a plane going warp speed, I were a world famous actor worth billions I’d have a stunt double roll walk across the street for me. This pretty rich face wouldn’t dare risk breaking his shit for anything. Gotta give Cruise credit though, you can see his balls from ground level.


PS – For as much as he belongs in the Looney Bin, the dude can act his nuts off. If you don’t believe that just take a gaze at Rain Man, A Few Good Men or, more recently, Edge of Tomorrow. All great shit.