Young Soldier Adorably Thinks He'll Be Able To Plant Some Potatoes And Raises Chickens At The Barracks

Spoiler alert, no. But that didn't stop one sailor from asking if he could farm some potatoes and keep a cock and hen around for some fresh eggs. You can't blame him, who doesn't love fresh eggs and potatoes in the morning? But buddy, you're absolutely fucking insane if you think the military is going to let you have a farm outside your barracks. The Marines wouldn't even let you keep one of those wax-melting things in your room so it didn't smell like gooch sweat and depression. I would bet that within half a week there would also be a massive cock-fighting ring operating in the barracks. 

We answered a lot of other questions, like if troops can claim haircuts on their taxes or how to stay organized. It was actually pretty informative. We put the segment up on YouTube where we will also put up every episode a day after the pod releases. Go there and subscribe and thumbs up every single video while you're at it, thanks.