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Frankie Borrelli Is A Fat Guy Now

So a truly-astonishing-and-now Picture Heard Around The World surfaced a few days ago via Frankie Borrelli's own Twitter account. The picture told us one undeniable and probably inevitable truth: Frankie Borrelli is now a fat guy. He just is. 

You can't look at this picture 

and think anything other than, "That's a fat guy." So as it stands right now, 75% of the Fore Play golf podcast is fat. I'm fat. Lurch is fat. Frankie is fat. Personally, I'm delighted. Go through the archives of this podcast and you'll find endless times when Frankie makes fun of me and Lurch for being fat. Oh how the tables filled with salty Italian meats have turned.

And I gotta tell ya, the last 5 or 6 days since the picture of Fat Frankie surfaced have been some of my most enjoyable on the internet. This is when the internet, and specifically Stoolies, are at their best. Stoolies are the best in the world at two things 1) rising to the occasion when money needs to be raised for a worthy cause (donate to the Barstool Fund) and 2) making fun of Barstool personalities when an unfortunate picture is taken of one of us. They certainly did not disappoint this time around. We go through a bunch of the responses on today's episode and I can't remember the last time we all laughed that hard. 

Honestly though, shout out to Frankie for tweeting out the picture in the first place. He explains on the podcast that the picture was never going to see the light of day but he decided to get out ahead of the story and, for that, I have to commend him. When you work on the internet like we do you have to have the ability to laugh at yourself. It's really the only way to survive. 

We get into all of the Frankie Fats talk and a ton more including a debate about Lurch's career low, whether or not aliens visited earth in 2017, Riggs' review of Molly's Game and where our Travel Series might go next.