It Should Be Wayyyyyyyy Easier To Cast In Rapala Pro Series Fishing On PlayStation4

I don't want to ruffle the gaming community feathers too hard but I have pretty bad news for you guys. It's basically impossible to throw a perfect cast in Rapala Pro Series Fishing on PlayStation4 and I don't care who says otherwise. Just this morning I watched my longtime fishing partner Chaps struggle mightily with a 70-feet standard single arm, single cock freshwater overhand cast. It wasn't pretty folks: 

The takeaway? The guy who does the kicking meters for Madden needs to be made available for sale or loan to the people at Rapala instantly. It's the only justice for an entire generation of video gamers that rely on the sacred relationship of a power meter and a video game. You have to get the timing right and I feel like the EA Sports person is literally world class. The opposite is this garbage performance from Rapala. Plain and simple, it's disgusting. 

The other major takeaway? 

Nobody gives a shit because it's just two dudes on a boat hunting Blue Gill. You don't need to have the world's best technique when they're as hungry as Lake Tittiecocka's Blue Gill schools. We did just fine as we navigated our ways around the waters so spare me. 

The other thing is nobody really cares when you're just out there to relax and have fun. That's what Gone Fishin' with me and Chaps is all about. I used to love those early morning fishing shows that I'd watch with my dad. Sure felt like the great outdoors even though it was just a perfectly air conditioned basement in southwest suburban Chicago. Those were good memories and I'm happy to bring some of those positive vibes to the internet with Chaps. It's going to be such a natural fishing boat banter that you won't want to miss. Not when there's a bingo-ball machine dictating our talking points. Not when the water's wide open. Not when the camaraderie is this robust. 

See you guys on the water. Subscribe please.