Ric Flair Gets Emotional Watching His Daughter Debut On Raw


Great stuff on Raw tonight. Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, and Charlotte (she’s debuted before but it was a huge mistake and pointless so this is going to count as her real one) made their Raw debuts in what might be a defining moment not just in the women’s wrestling but in WWE as a whole. I’ve written about it before in this blog where I discussed how much better the developmental promotion “NXT” is than the main show. And tonight 3 of the women wrestlers blew the roof off the place. For the first time….ever, women’s wrestlers got “this is awesome” chants on Raw. Because they are. The women down in NXT can actually wrestle…and wrestle really, really well. The main roster that attempts to wrestle on Raw for the most part are somewhere between bad and awful. This could definitely be a turning point in the WWE if they let these women shine and don’t dumb them down…and for fucks sake, not call them “divas”. If you told me 2 years ago I’d be excited to see a woman debut on Raw I would have laughed in your face. Times have changed because of NXT. Now we just have to wait til Vince officially gives up control to HHH to see the full potential. But oh man is it there.



And PS: Raw being 3 hours is still awful. 2 and a half would be adequate. An action packed 2 would be perfect, just like how it used to be (when it went from Raw is War to War Zone at 10:00 and the blood started flowing).