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Legend Status: White Kid Sporting A Mullet Shatters The Damn Backboard, Gets An All-Time Reaction From The Ref

I'll be honest. I did not expect a clip to exceed expectations and be crazier than this one I posted yesterday: 

Then I saw this white dude sporting a mullet and wispy mustache in Texas SHATTERING THE FUCKING BACKBOARD. Not even that, somehow that's not even the best part of the clip. Sure it's the main plot here, but the ref steals the damn show. First we get him with the simply can't believe it/surrender cobra look

But then he really picks it up. This is where the star shines. Just, watch: 

Look at the fucking leg kick! He goes back to the hands on the head. The man enjoyed it more than Tyler Stone dunking it. He got caught up in the moment and I can' blame him one bit. You see this guy shattering a backboard, you lose your shit. 

Shattering a backboard is the most badass feeling in the world. Getting a dap from the ref and sending him into a complete freak out is the only thing that tops it. Ripping a freaking rim off a hoop and shatter the backboard into one billion pieces all over the court and having a ref CELEBRATE it? Unreal. 

Now sit back and enjoy it remix style: