Time For The Yabo Brothers To Captivate The Nation

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15 years since Sammy went bananas in 2000, time for the Cubs to take back the crown. Is the Home Run Derby kind of silly? Of course. Will I envy all the Deaf people in the world after 5 minutes of Berman? Guaranteed.


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But when your guys are in it, it’s awesome. I got Bryant (+125) and Rizzo (+130) to advance past the first round and Bryant (+550) to take the whole thing. I honestly think the fact that he has his Dad pitching to him, who is a sneaky hardo helicopter parent, will be huge (his dad does seem like a good guy fyi, just think he’ll take this VERY seriously). If you made me pick a non-Cub, I don’t hate Joc Pederson at +500.



As for what they’re wearing.


Rizzo’s cleats are on fire, almost literally. Almost an Ultimate Warrior Vibe


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And Kris Bryant has this set up.


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Someone make sure Tony takes a Cab tonight. Never know when the old scumbag crew gets back together.


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