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Dana White Has A "Surprise" Planned For The People Who Illegally Stream UFC PPVs This Year


Look out, you motherfuckin pirates - Uncle Dana is comin for your ass!

What kinda "surprise" does he have in store?! Honestly, your guess is as good as mine! 

Maybe he's talking about the new stimulus bill that makes hosting an illegal stream a felony? I don't know!

I'm hoping once I get to Fight Island, Dana just asks me if I wanna show up to the addresses of all the fans streaming the fights illegally with him to kick their asses like they do at the end of 'Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back'….

Nah, but really - I have no clue what this could be about. I love how vague is it, though. Made me chuckle. 

I'd like to think some asshole out there who thought they were completely and utterly brilliant for bypassing the system is actually buyin into this and starts shakin in their boots for a bit, though, because while we're on the subject….

John Henry Feitelberg couldn't be more accurate in that above assessment.

I'm not PERSONALLY offended by folks illegally streaming UFC cards, I get it, but the people who tweet me with the tone of the dude above always get on my nerves. We get it, man - illegal streams exist. Just chill out and watch your 240p fights without shovin em onto us.