Chaos Is A Ladder! Dave Gettleman Is Reportedly Coming Back As Giants GM

NY Post- The Giants are moving forward with Dave Gettleman as their general manager, as ownership believes the team is headed in the right direction and Gettleman is the right man to continue the building process alongside head coach Joe Judge. The major decision of the offseason, determining if there is a change at the top, has been decided, The Post has learned, and it is a lean toward continuity. Gettleman returns for a fourth season.

GETTLEFINGERRRRRRR!!! Just as the Giants fanbase was almost united once again united over a mutual hatred of the Eagles and excited about the future, this story hits the internet and causes havoc in the Twitter streets. 

Now look, it's no secret Gettleman had a rough first two seasons as Giants GM but also had a solid third year. I'm not talking about his 6-10 team potentially being in the playoffs if Doug Pederson had an ounce of self respect. But it looks like Gettleman had legitimate hits in the draft, free agency, and most importantly with the head coach none of us knew a fucking thing about until the announcement of his hiring. My biggest problem with Gettleman is that he made every move he made/didn't make immediately much worse by saying something stupid that idiots like you, I, and every fan would harp on for days. 

Unclogging the shit show that Jerry Reese left behind was never going to be an easy fix and the two trades that Gettleman got absolutely ripped for (Odell Beckham and Leonard Williams) suddenly don't look so bad at all. I will never forgive him for making us suffer through two years of that buckethead Pat Shurmur and have read every tweet about how bad of an idea it is to draft a running back at number 2 if you have a team that is lightyears away from being good. I'm also not sure if Gettleman got hired because he wanted to try to squeeze one last playoff run with Eli or if those were the orders given by ownership after the fanbase almost burned down MetLife following the Geno Smith benching disaster. But again, none of that matters for 2021. He signed a five year deal with Big Blue and now has to show results after purging them from football hell.

The bottom line is that it's put up or shut up time for Gettleman. I think Daniel Jones has to show real improvement in his third season and lead the Giants to the playoffs, preferably with more than 6 wins, for Gettleman to stay as GM instead of being repositioned or whatever the Giants want to call moving him to some senior role because it's forever #OnceAGiantAlwaysAGiant in East Rutherford. Whether you love Gettleman (which makes you one of like 5 people on the planet) or hate him, we gotta hope whatever this team continues on the right path it appears to be on right now. If you can't at least get behind that, you have some real hate in your heart for a man that's almost 70 years old, which is fine. But I'd ask you to redirect that hate to Doug Pederson and hope that the Judge + Gettleman brain trust that turned this Giants team into something that fans can at least get excited about will continue with the success they had last offseason and hopefully lead to more meaningful January games. 

Now let's get a WR1, at least one EDGE, figure out what the fuck we are gonna do with Mr. 11.5 Sacks Leonard Williams as well as Dalvin Tomlinson, and get ready to beat the piss out of the NFC East once Coach Judge gets his guys in here because this guy deserves to lead the troops he wants into battle.

In case any Giants fans are still blind with rage right now because of this news, this report from RapSheet should make you feel better.

Not only is Ian Rapoport reporting it but he seems to have started a Jason Garrett Hype Group


Giphy Images.

God I love that little man. Thoughts and prayers to any Chargers fans somehow still alive after the Anthony Lynn Era.

Also just got this tweet sent to me from the Daniel Jones Hype Group.

You hate to see it. I guess the Eagles should have won more than 4 games if they wanted to see their starters play the whole game.