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Jacksonville Is Bringing Flight Tracking Season to the NFL With Its Urban Meyer Courting

Jacksonville Jaguars fans are bringing the energy of an SEC coaching search to the NFL and I am all the way here for it. #FlightTracking SZN is a staple of college football coaching searches. Texas deprived us of what could have been the best coaching search since 2017 Tennessee by having Steve Sarkisian signed, sealed and delivered before it even fired Tom Herman. Just look how fun it is to hop on Flight Aware and potentially find out who your next head coach is going to be.

But luckily, we have the fine folks of Jacksonville who know how to run these sorts of things checking every private flight in and out of Jacksonville like hawks. And we finally found one on Monday that came in from Columbus, Ohio. Was the white whale on it? That's the beauty of flight tracking: we have no idea.

Drawing wild conclusions from an airplane tail number and a destination is why we do this. It could be some rich guy who just wanted to go to Florida for the week or it could be Urban Meyer. Every plane in the sky has the potential to change your franchise.

I need more NFL teams to treat their coaching searches with the fervor of those in the college ranks. The only reason we got one here is because Jags fans are also Florida Gators fans and understand the urgency every day carries in these things. I hope more NFL fans take note of how to properly run a coaching search going forward: with pure conjecture and rampant speculation.