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Is Shaq The Most Insecure All Time Great Ever?

Before we really dive into this topic, why did Shaq deep fry this meme and then make it pulsate over music? Just post the photoshopped picture of you dunking on Rudy Gobert and go. We get it, you'd dunk on him. 

This is something people have hated about Shaq's personality for a while now. Pretty much since he joined TNT and started chirping Chuck about his lack of rings from episode one. I love Shaq, I don't know anyone who doesn't love Shaq. Pretty widely regarded as a Top 10 player of all time and universally considered the single most physically dominant force in NBA history. And yet, he will not stop beefing with players decades removed from his prime. Dwight Howard had the same nickname, that was a death sentence in Shaq's eyes. Rudy Gobert signed a contract. It's as if the Utah Jazz don't realize he never averaged 37 and 28. That's what Shaq would've done for the Jazz. 

I genuinely don't have a problem with any analyst calling out guys for myriad reasons. That's part of the game. Last year Joel Embiid fell victim to harsh-but-fair criticism from both Shaq and Barkley. He took it in stride, said they were right, and then promptly did nothing about it. Even Gobert in this instance doesn't seem to take it personally.

I can't imagine Gobert cares about Steph Curry, and every other guard, spinning him like a top every time he ventures out to the perimeter. Why should he? He just signed one of the largest extensions in NBA history. He's rich, and probably one more DPOY away from the Hall of Fame. That's a wildly successful career for a 27th overall pick coming from overseas. Shaq pocket-watching here is bizarre. I could almost understand it more if he played fifty years ago, before the NBA became as lucrative as it is today. If Shaq was some big poor walking around watching all these scrubs get max deals I'd be on his side no question. But Shaq, himself, is a business. He owns pizza chains, he sells car insurance, I can't even imagine what else he has coming down the pipeline. And, oh yeah, he made a little under $300 mil just from his NBA contracts. 

Next person I hear take Rudy "Super-spreader" Gobert over Shaq will be the first. Rudy Gobert wouldn't take Rudy Gobert over Shaq. He's going to continue to hate anyone, and - more specifically - everyone. Which feels super counterproductive for the NBA's marquee, national pre-and-post game show. Nothing like one of the most recognizable players in League history telling casual fans twice a week why everyone they're watching is bad. That's the ideal strategy to selling your product, I've often said it. 

But is he the *most* insecure all time great? No, no. That title has long been secured.