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Anthony Lynn Has Finally Been Fired

Ding dong the witch is dead!!!!!!

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Here is what I want to remember about the Anthony Lynn era for the Chargers. He took over the team after Mike McCoy brought the team to the brink with blown lead after blown lead. He immediately turned the culture around and had a 12-4 year in just his second season! He turned Phil Rivers career around and had a solid balance between the run and pass game while bolstering up the defense. By all accounts, he is a great locker room guy that is extremely well respected as well.


He fell into the Chargers DNA of blowing leads, and made some of the most incredibly boneheaded coaching decisions I have ever seen in any NFL game EVER! Not only that, but he put the safety of Justin Herbert in jeopardy. There was just no coming back from that. The pieces are together on this team to be fucking great, and they are a good coach away from being a serious fucking competitor in the division with the best team in the NFL. What's the best way to beat them? Recruit from their ranks. 


David Eulitt. Getty Images.