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Throwback: Let's All Take A Minute And Watch The Vikings Front Office Laugh Their Ass Off When The Eagles Drafted Jalen Reagor 1 Pick Before Justin Jefferson

*Originally published 1/4/21*



You know I'm just in the mood to watch this right now. It's exactly what I need when the Eagles played for the 6th draft pick, knowing they'll fuck it up again. Need them to draft another QB or the wrong WR. Nobody loves complaining about missing out on WRs like the Eagles and their fans. They act like they were the only team to pass on DK Metcalf - multiple times. They act like they couldn't have drafted Justin Jefferson. Maybe, I don't know, they just suck at drafting? The Vikings front office sure thinks so. Just look at their reaction when they find out the Eagles drafted Jalen Reagor. It's absolutely hilarious. The chuckle while saying 'get Justin Jefferson on the clock right now' just sums it up better than anything else. 

This is what the Eagles deserve. Yes, this is all Evan Engram's fault. Yes, that bum ass 'Pro Bowler' should have just caught the pass at the Linc. I'm aware of that. Hell we can even blame the collapse at Dallas in October. Either one of those means the Giants clinch the division at 1pm. But spare me Eagles fans beating their chest. All you people from Lancaster and Reading and Harrisburg and York acting like you live in Philly can just shut the fuck up. I've been fighting with all of you for 30 years. You're the same people who always screamed about how tough Philly is and how they would never roll over and die. They did just that. Hell, even Jalen Hurts knows it

So the 2021 NFL Draft order is set for teams not in the playoffs. Again, the Eagles pick 1 spot before an NFC North team. The Lions also need some help at WR. If Eagles fans want J'Marr Chase, I hope the Lions end up with him. I need the Lions front office laughing right in their face, which is asking a ton, because, you know, the Lions. So for now, we watch this. We watch Rick Spielman and Mike Zimmer laughing because of the Eagles fuck up. More importantly, I hope they can't trade Carson Wentz and hope they get crippled with one of the worst contracts in sports. 

Fuck the Eagles and fuck Evan Engram.