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The ENTIRE 2021 NCAA Tournament Is Officially Going To Be Played In Indianapolis, Because It's The Only Place That Makes Sense

What a way to wake up on a Monday morning. Not just any Monday morning either. The first Monday back after Christmas/New Year's break. Granted we knew this was coming but still you can't trust the NCAA to do anything that is logical. This is logical. It's beyond that. Indianapolis is the only place that makes sense for this sort of event. It doesn't even have anything to do with the whole 'in 49 states it's just basketball. But this is Indiana' dumb slogan as if Indiana is the only place that loves basketball. 

Indianapolis was supposed to host the Final Four already. That gives you Lucas Oil for a weekend. There are a shit ton of gyms around the city whether it's Butler or University of Indy or IUPUI or Marian. There's Bankers Life. There are high school gyms better than half of mid-majors across the country. Simply put it's easy to get the 67 games done in Indianapolis. Instead of playing regions, I assume you'll see the 'East' region play at Butler, etc. 

If they happen to let fans at games, I gotta admit Indianapolis is AWESOME for events. It's the perfect setup. I remember being there for the Giants/Pats Super Bowl and being blown away at how easy they made it look to host a major event. It's not an overpriced city. It's easy to get around. Everything is in walking distance and more importantly they let you drink in a blocked off area that was relatively big and where all the bars were anyways. That matters to me. 

Then there's the whole middle of the country thing. Pretty important if they are going to go about this like a bubble. Teams come in, have time to practice and then the moment you get eliminated bags are packed and you're out. It's easy to get in and out of Indianapolis and the majority of teams will be able to bus if they even want to. We all remember last year. It sucked. We had the NCAA Tournament ripped from us the week before it was supposed to start. I cried. You cried. It's the greatest 3 week stretch in sports. We need to do anything and everything to make this happen. So see you in Indianapolis. If they don't let us there, see everyone at the Barstool Sportsbook in Lawrenceburg. 

PS: Look no further, we have our mascot