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'Are You Afraid Of The Dark?'- Wake Up With Nickelodeon's Best Early 90's Live Action Show (FULL EPISODE)

It was recently brought to my attention that the Chicago Bears will be playing the Saints next week on Nickelodeon which is equal parts awesome and terrifying. Like I'm not ready to get slimed with gak during the pregame but at the same time what a trip down memory lane. Not sure if it still holds true but Nickelodeon was like HBO for kids in the 90's, and Are You Afraid Of The Dark was the bread and butter fastball for a good chunk there. In that collective spirit, I figure today is as good as any to wake up with a classic episode. This one features Zeebo The Clown (no spoilers). 

Nobody did Friday Nights like Nickelodeon. There's a lot of respect these days for Goosebumps but reading books was lame. It wasn't until Are You Afraid Of The Dark blew up that they tried to pivot the Goosebumps franchise into a tv show format. It didn't really work because AYAOTD had already cornered the market. There's a little history lesson to start the week. 

Here's some other classic random epsiodes. 

Legends Of The Hidden Temple



Salute You Shorts (Season 1 BLOOPERS)

 LMFAO. Love me some bloopers. 

Let's have a week boys.