Benny The Ice-Skating Dog Returning To The Rink Is The Best Video You'll Watch Today

Benny's been wrtitten about before on here but this is the first time we've seen him lacing 'em up after a 6-month pandemic-induced lay-off. And check out fucking Benny! Once he hears 'skating', he books it and grabs his gear, raring to go. An ice-skating dog who gets jacked up going to the rink like Jordan Martinook.

Sorry, I just love this clip.

Like all of us who haven't been able to hit the rink, Benny was bummed out. But fortunately for Benny, his state eventually allowed people back on the ice unlike states that let you go everywhere else but the fucking rink to break in your sweet new Bauers. Six months he was away and didn't miss a beat. And he looked like a GD equestrian horse clearing that hurdle. 

Benny carries his own roller-less bag to the rink unlike certain unnamed generations. He stays up on the ice better than I ever did. The pooch just has a pure love of the game you can't teach. Look at that helicopter tail! 

(After the game, Benny will be 12 deep and sliding The Big Red One into that greyhound bitch down the street no doubt.)


P.S. Asking for a local GM friend, does he play D?