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Thief On a Motorcycle Thought He Was Going To Get Away With Robbing a Gas Station, But The Customers Had Another Idea

Thief robbed a gas station this afternoon in Maringa, did very badly at the time of the escape … It was hit by brave car driver and took a beating from the station customers


See in Mexico (where I assume Maringa is) there are no rules. Anyone can rob a gas station, but at the same time, anyone can kill you for doing it and take the cash for themself. It’s just the rules of the road down there in Maringa, Mexico. I don’t think the guy in the car was trying to return the money to the gas station, I think he was trying to pick it up and speed away. It’s a dog eat dog world down there. You think you’re home free with a bag of money which can feed your family for generations to come, and then BOOM, blindsided by a car and his boys kick the shit out of motorcycle guy just for good measure. It’s a pretty brilliant plan. If you run over a guy robbing a gas station up here, you’re going to get your ass sued. Down there in Mexico it’s just another day in paradise.