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All Hope is Lost

The Miami Dolphins needed a win to get into the playoffs and they failed in the most epic way possible. They failed in such a way it ruined the entire season wiped out all their gains as Tua Tagovailoa is a certified bonafide sure-fire 100% bust. The Dolphins ten wins were obviously a result of a soft schedule, they will be lucky to win four games next season. That is how bad of disaster today's game in Buffalo was. The defense failed, the offense failed, the special teams failed, the coaching staff failed, and Kevin Harlin shoving it down the Dolphins' throat was all the more painful in a season-ending 56-26 loss.  

The Dolphins picked a hell of a time to play their worst game of the season. They failed in every way possible. They were not ready to play and the worse it got the worse Tua Tagovailoa played, and there was not Ryan Fitzpatrick to rescue them this week. However, the failure that was most stunning was the defense, which coming into the final week of the season was the best in the NFL but today was run over by a Buffalo stampede. 

The game started well as Byron Jones picked off Josh Allen in plus territory. The Dolphins would settle for a field goal as Tua Tagovailoa was unable to get the ball down the field. The game began to get away on special teams as Matt Haak had a 32-yard punt that began to turn the field against the Dolphins. The defense stopped the Bills, but Corey Bojorquez pinned Miami to one with his punt. The Dolphins went three and out and Buffalo got the ball at midfield and began to dominate. Josh Allen hit Isiah McKenzie on the first of three touchdowns from the seven. McKenzie would real in a 14-yard touchdown on the next drive and scored on a punt return of 84 yards to make it 21-3. After Miami settled for a field goal the Dolphins easily went down the field for a fourth score in the second quarter as Josh Brown made a 32-yard reception.

As they have often this season, the Dolphins came out of the half strong, scoring with a one-yard run by Myles Gaskin. The Bills started to rest their starters as Matt Barkley replaced Allen at quarterback, but when DeVante Parker fell, Tua Tagovailoa had the first of three second-half interceptions returned for a touchdown by Josh Norman and that was all she wrote. The Bills with Matt Barkley continued to shred the Dolphins' secondary as the game turned into a blowout. 

The Dolphins could have backed in, but the Pittsburgh Steelers rally in Cleveland fell short and the Cincinnati Bengals were pulverized by the Baltimore Ravens. The last hope was the Jacksonville Jaguars, who had no real shot as they lost their 15th straight game to the Indianapolis Colts. The season ends at 10-6 and all the hard work was wiped out. 

The Dolphins will have the third pick and have to consider drafting a quarterback as they are back to square one. Tua just can not throw and will be the worst quarterback as Miami is back in NFL hell. This means more mediocrity for the New York Mets who won't get any other big moves, as the Padres will get Trevor Bauer and George Springer, the Brooklyn Nets who will not finish .500, and the New Jersey Devils. It is like the nightmare from Happy Gilmore.