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The Barstool Fund - Shinn Cleaners

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Shinn’s main concern is you and your clothing. They examine every article of clothing when you bring it in and then clean it the way we think is best to maximize the life of your clothing. However, if you want it done a certain way, you're the boss and they'll do it your way.



Reader Email

To Whom it May concern,

I’m sure you all have gotten an influx of emails since starting this fund today, but this company is very deserving.

I am writing this to nominate the owners of Shinn Cleaners in Little Rock, AR. Shinn Cleaners is owned and operated by Sonny Shinn. They were first opened by Mr. Shinn and his mother in 1972 and have been a Little Rock staple ever since. I met his daughter, Juli Shinn in college at the University of Central Arkansas and she is one of my closest friends. Juli also works at Shinn Cleaners, and has always had plans to take over the family business.

The Shinn’s have tried everything to keep their cleaners open and their employees paid. They have 7 (seven) employees including themselves as of today. They recently had an employee pass away from COVID complications as well. Right now, they are struggling to keep their doors open. The Shinn’s are also taking pay cuts of their own to keep their employees paid.

I think they would be the perfect small business to receive this help so that they can stay open. They are struggling because as a lot of us are working from home, we are no longer taking our clothes in to be dry cleaned. As more and more people are laid off, they can no longer afford to take their clothes in to be cleaned.

They are wonderful people who also try to employ those who have had a hard life and may not be hired elsewhere. There have been multiple dry cleaning companies around them that have had to close their doors, but Mr. Shinn is trying to do everything he can to stay open. Please consider helping this small business, as they have helped so many of their current and past employees retain their jobs. I will include Mr. Shinn and Juli Shinn’s contact information below. Mr. Shinn is not too tech savvy, and does not check emails. Juli would be a great person to reach out to to get ahold of Mr. Shinn.

Thank you,

Lance Kloker