The Packers Clinch The 1 Seed And I Would Like To Thank God For Making Aaron Rodgers A Green Bay Packer

This guy, the guy with all the impressive and ridiculous stats, the guy who has carried his team on his back time and time again (no, not that traitor Greg Jennings), all he's ever wanted is for the NFC's road to the Super Bowl to come through his home, Lambeau Field. And today that dream came through after Green Bay handedly destroyed the Chicago Bears (who unfortunately weren't eliminated from post-season action thanks to the gd Rams) and clinched the number one seed. Now, if/when the Pack make it back to the NFC Championship game, they will be playing that game under the lights of the legendary Lambeau Field, the way God and Curly Lambeau intended. 

So tonight, I would just like to thank the Big Man for making Aaron Rodgers a Green Bay Packer. He could have ended up anywhere else after sitting quietly in the green room for eternity, but no, he landed in Green Bay, and for that I am immensely grateful. Especially after sitting and watching the Bears, a franchise that hasn't had a real star quarterback since I don't know when. Sure, Mitch wasn't horrible, but damn it must suck to not have a quarterback that can do this on the reg: 

It takes a real special person to follow in the legend of Brett Favre, and Aaron Rodgers is more than that man. 

He's the MVP.