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Pardon My Take's Football Guys of the Week Nominees - Week 17

Welcome to 2021, and welcome to our final Football Guy of the Week award of the regular season. Since September, you have been voting for the grittiest folks on the gridiron, and today is your final chance to do just that before the postseason begins. Here is the final group of nominees before we hit the playoffs.

Cincinnati CB Justin Harris - After losing the Peach Bowl to Georgia, he watched the entire trophy presentation on the field by himself.

This one came highly recommended. Cincinnati had its heart broken over the weekend by Georgia, and Justin Harris will never forget this one. He will use it as fuel as he gears up for next season.

Lions QB Matthew Stafford - Started the season finale against the Vikings, despite dealing with ankle, rib, and thumb injuries. 

It's normal to see a NFL player play through one injury. Sometimes, we even see them grind out two injuries. But THREE at the same time, and still being able to play?! Big credit to Matthew Stafford. Did you know he and Clayton Kershaw grew up together?

Alabama HC Nick Saban - On adapting to recruiting during a pandemic, he said, “You adapt or die. The dinosaurs didn’t and they aren’t around anymore.”

On top of Alabama's semifinal win over Notre Dame in the College Football Playoff, you know that Coach Saban is ALWAYS planning multiple steps ahead. In the middle of chasing the 2021 National Title, he is getting players to join his team for years to come.

Former Giants QB Eli Manning - Tweeted, “Not sure what to wear for the Giants game today? My jersey or my birthday suit?”

The New York FOOTBALL Giants. The fact that they had a chance to make the postseason at 5-10 entering the day is what makes football so great. Never give up, unless you're mathematically eliminated.