DeAndre Jordan Went Back To The Clippers Because Doc Rivers' Smokehouse Daughter Convinced Him To

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You were wondering what made DeAndre spurn Mark Cuban and willingly go back to getting bullied by Chris Paul? Simple, it was sex. The reason men do absolutely anything, because it’s what hot girls want us to do. If it wasn’t for the idea of sex with pretty girls I’d shower once a month, spend all day farting into sweatpants, weigh 300 pounds (220 is ok), and DeAndre Jordan would be a Dallas Maverick. Totally different world. When you think about it, it was probably a pretty easy sale too. What wouldn’t you do for Callie Rivers? Callie could ask me to cut off my pinky, attach it to my forehead then live the rest of my life like some human doll Sid from Toy Story created and I’d do it. Being a millionaire in LA is a pretty easy request when you really think about it.