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Texas Has Fired Tom Herman, Will Hire Steve Sarkisian

Happy New Years, Tom. You’re fired. 

Was shocked when this came across my timeline. I thought it was a Barry McCockiner situation, but nope, it was very real. Kind of shocking considering that Texas made it clear in November they were keeping Herman. Since then the Longhorns put together a dominating performance in the Alamo Bowl and the 'Texas Is Back' hype train was full steam ahead in the 2021 offseason.

Herman will be replaced by none other than Steve Sarkisian.

The former USC coach, who was fired for being a drunk, went through a rehab stint at Nick Saban’s Rehab Center For Coaches That Don’t Coach Good. He was hired by the Falcons as an OC, that didn’t work, so he returned to Alabama for one last Rehab stint. He emerged as the best play-caller in college football and was awarded the Steve Broyles Award for the best assistant coach this year.

I think this is an AWESOME hire for Texas. I'd be excited if I was a Longhorn fan. Sark is gonna come in have top tier weapons available like QB Casey Thompson and RB Bijan Robinson to put together a dominant offense. We may look back on this day as the true moment Texas was back.

What's next for Tom Herman? Not sure. He'll be a head coach again soon, however for the upcoming year? He could go into media or go be the OC for LSU, which is ironic considering LSU was beat out by Texas to hire Herman in 2016.