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The Hornets Announcer Nearly Had A Heart Attack When Bismack Biyombo Decided To Shoot A Three

Short, sweet, makes me laugh every time I watch it. So perfect it feels fake. Like someone took the footage and dubbed over it with Jim Ross. But nope. That happened. And I get it. The rims of Charlotte have seen some real masons over the last decade. I'm talking elite brick layers.

Which is why I think this works so well. Like even a color analyst so used to bricks and clangs couldn't believe what he was witnessing when Bismack slowly cocked back like a rickety trebuchet. 18 seconds on the shot clock, middle of the second quarter, no one alive anticipated this ball going up. I think that's what makes this funnier to me. Not that the shot missed. This was a reaction to the very concept of Bismack Biyombo shooting this basketball. I think if Bismack had taken out a gun and opened fire on all nine players on the court the reaction wouldn't have been this severe. And given how many feet this shot missed by, I'm guessing all nine players would've been completely unharmed. The empty seats in the stands however? Different story.