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Justin Fields Ran Into A Damn Brick Wall....Somehow Throws A TD 2 Plays Later

What happens when two unstoppable forces run into each other? Well....

Fields took the worse of the hit and was on the ground for a few minutes before miraculously walking it off and then throwing a goddamn TD 2 plays later:


James Skalski was ejected from the game for targeting...which I don't really agree with. He did lead with his head, but as we see here he made his move before Fields spun:

He was going for a legal tackle, but ended up with the crown of his helmet on side of Fields.

Fields is an athletic specimen, what do they want for Skalski to do? Not lead with the crown of his helmet? Okay, fair, but that happens on tackles all the time. The only time the rule is implied for leading with the crown of your helmet is when you make head to head contact. That's not what Skalski did. Maybe I'm just talking out of my ass? There's gotta be tiers to this targeting thing.