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Please Stop Putting Notre Dame In The CFB Playoff

There's still five minutes left in this game as I write this, so maybe if they go ahead and pull off the greatest comeback in modern sports history I will consider adjusting this take. But enough is enough. Every year it's the same thing with this fucking school. Every year we have to hear about how "it's different this time." It's like a bad ex showing up on your doorstep in the rain telling you how they've changed, begging you for another chance. Enough is enough. 

What really, genuinely bothers me is the Notre Dame fans. All year they chirp and chirp about how they've improved and belong and that this is the year they're going to run the table and win another title. And then when they get fucking smoked in the playoffs the excuse train bolts out of the station. "Well, we have our standards. If we didn't have standards we could compete."

Great. Glad we agree. Until you lose your standards leave the rest of us alone. Play your schedule, go undefeated every year far as I'm concerned. The second real football is ready to be played you guys can get a head start on spring semester. Hit the books. You wanna have a spelling bee against Stanford, be my guest. Probably get your lunch money stolen there, too, but at least it wont waste the nation's time. 

"Well if it wasn't going to be Notre Dame this year who would you put in that spot?" Great point. Texas A&M gets smoked by Bama. So does Georgia. So does Cinci. Don't even get me started on Oklahoma. And I think I speak for absolutely no one but myself when I say the College Football Playoff needs to decrease the amount of teams, not increase. Eight teams? For what. Like everyone says every year when debating that fourth spot: whoever else you put in that game is going to get dusted by Clemson or Bama or whoever else happens to hold that top spot. So why waste everyone's time with a larger pool of mediocrity. I actually believe the correct number of teams is three. That's right, I said three. You get the top spot you get to enjoy a bye. 2-3 can battle it out for a chance to play in the National Championship. You're welcome for saving College Football and figuring out the perfect way to permanently ban Notre Dame from wasting our time ever again.