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Happy New Year! Now Let's Watch An Unreleased Scene From The Office Where Jim Pranks Dwight And Makes Him Think He's Living In The Matrix

It may be New Year, New You. At least that'll be the case on Monday when the New Years resolutions start counting. But let's be honest, we are all going to resort back to our old selves at some point. We are going to eat, drink, and do all the same shit we swore off once a bright light in Times Square flashed four numbers. So why not steer into the skid by watching the show you watched so much, you left the digital version of a couch indentation on your Netflix account? I mean technically watching a scene that has never been shown before means you are trying something new, doubly so if you subscribe to Peacock to watch The Office there since it relocated there today like Jim did to Stamford once upon a time. So hats off to you, you crazy pioneer and thanks for the first free hit as our new dealer, Peacock.

For what it's worth, this deleted scene is the epitome of a new episode of The Office. Good idea in theory but way too much production value that doesn't stick the landing like the stuff from the early days when the characters truly mirrored real life peoples whose lives were being sucked from their bodies in the cubes instead of everyone getting their different Hollywoodsy endings. I'm not saying I tuned in to The Office to see life slowly getting drained out of a bunch of paper employees' lives much like the machines in The Matrix did the mankind, but the realness of how The Office mirrored real life cube monkeys is what made it a truly great show. 

Wow, that was some dark shit. Maybe I should take the first red pill I can find in order to escape this reality I've been living in all break where I just chase my kids around the house and beg them to stop fighting like I have the last 10 months. Anyway, Happy New Year everybody! 2021 is going to be sooooooo much better than 2020, right?

P.S. I don't want to live in or watch a fictional world where Dwigt Dwight Schrute turns down the chance of taking the red pill to save the people of the Nebuchadnezzar and potentially become the hero of a war against the machines. Not after what went down against that big bitch Dunder Mifflin Infinity.