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Cincinnati Was So Close.....And Just Like Always They Came Up Short

What a delight that game was. From start to end, Cincinnati and Georgia gave us one of the best games of the year.

We had a guy named Coby Bryant intercepting passes...

And it looked like Cincinnati was going to do it. Knock off Georgia, declare themselves national champions all while Georgia fans were telling us they didn't really about this game anyway.

After that play above, Cincinnati essentially fell apart.

But by the grace of bad coaching decisions by Kirby Smart, Cincinnati looked like they may find a way to win the game. After a failed 3rd down conversion with 3 minutes to go, Kirby took a timeout. Surely this was to plan out a great 4th down play. What did he do instead? Brought out the punt team. Cincinnati immediately got a first down and with only 2 timeouts left, Georgia was looking at getting the ball back with 40 seconds left. That was until Cincinnati decided to throw it on 3rd down and stop the clock. To make things worse, Luke Fickell bailed out Georgia once again with just 16 seconds to go and the clock running. The next two Georgia plays were unsuccessful but stopping the clock for Georgia was a weird decision, even if there was an "injured" player on the field. 

In the end, Georgia's kicker NAILED the winning FG:

The story of the University of Cincinnati rang true today. They just weren't good enough for the big one. It's been the same story since 1962. Just like they are #2 in their state and own city, they were #2 today. Congrats on the moral victory, Cincinnati.