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Hell Yeah: The Bruins Will Reportedly Play An Outdoor Game Against The Flyers At Lake Tahoe This February

The B's are headed back outdoors, this time for an ODR game at Lake Tahoe. Which is pretty fucking cool. Not official yet but sounds like B's will play the Flyers on February 21st. The Colorado Avalanche will play the Vegas Golden Knights the day prior. 

I'm actually all for outdoor games, I know some people are tired of the Winter Classic but I think Lake Tahoe is an unreal venue and should set up for quite a weekend.

According to Elliotte Friedman:

According to multiple sources, the NHL is beginning its Mystery, Alaska experiment, with four teams as part of a unique two-game, two-day “Outdoor Weekend” showcase at Lake Tahoe. Edgewood Tahoe Resort, home of the popular celebrity golf tournament, is hosting these games, which will be played around the 16th, 17th and 18th holes.

No fans which stinks but the views should be great. Pond hockey in Cali? Sign me up. Brb about to cue up Mystery Alaska.

T-minus 13 till the B's are baaaack. 

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