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More Than Basketball runs youth and HS basketball events in the DMV, but it doesn't stop there. They have long believed that the game of basketball is a tool for life lessons, an art, a business and most importantly a means to unite people from all different walks of life.



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The name of my company is More Than Basketball. We do many things but our bread and butter are the events we do in Washington, DC. These events not only serve as the platform where kids can be recruited and evaluated at the highest level to earn college scholarships but where kids from low-income disenfranchised communities have a safe place to compete, hang out and meet other kids from different backgrounds which is where the MORE in More Than Basketball derives from. Since 2009 we have been a pillar in various communities in DC and extended with our events as well as our activations and have been featured in ESPN, the Washington Post, HBCU Buzz and more.

But that all changed once COVID-19 hit. We were in the middle of our winter league and were forced to shutdown. We couldn’t have our travel team tournaments or our winter or fall leagues because no one really had answers and everyone was in fear. We also weren’t able to do none of our holiday community activations such as our turkey drive for thanksgiving or our toy drive for Christmas. Our bills got backed up because there was no revenue coming in. But once the NBA bubble happened we realized that although it would be expensive and difficult we had a chance to continue our events in some capacity because the kids need it. The violence in the city is rising and there are a bunch of kids with nowhere to go, nothing to do and nothing to look forward to. Which also can have an affect in the classroom. So we are hoping with the Barstool fund we can get back to doing what we love and continue to provide a platform to these kids who already deal with so much!