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2020 Has Finally Been Beaten Thanks To Ben Simmons Stepping Up And Drilling A 3

Folks,,,I have a pretty damn good feeling about 2021. This past year has been kicking the shit out of almost everybody in the world. It's been wreaking havoc all across the globe since March. But I think 2020 is finally starting to show some cracks, and this Ben Simmons 3 may have been the final blow to break it wide open. 

It's a New Years Miracle. Ben didn't even hesitate. Caught that pass in rhythm, chucked it up and watched it drop. Thing of beauty. Almost as if he's actually a fully capable shooter, he just refuses to pull the trigger. But the safety has been turned off and it's going to be a rainstorm for the next 365 days. 2021. The year of the Ben 3.