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Kawhi Leonard Told... A Joke???

I’ve seen a lot of troublesome shit in my day, but this immediately ranks right towards the top. About a week ago, Kawhi caught a brutal elbow to the jaw from Serge “I Am Fashion” Ibaka

That caused Kawhi to get eight stitches in his mouth, and also for the Clippers to get 50-burgered by the Mavericks with Kawhi sidelined.

Kawhi’s always been able to learn on the fly, pick up things as he goes, update his software to the latest and greatest. So when everyone started cracking jokes about his Lucious Harris mask he was able to observe and adapt and try out one of these “jokes” for himself. Pretty solid, dry, Steven Wright delivery, good timing, topical - everyone loves some #topical #humor - and it got some Zoom chuckles. Making people laugh over Zoom has gotta be one of the top five struggles of 2020, just behind the plague and poverty sweeping the globe, but Kawhi was able to clear that hurdle on the first attempt.

Hopefully these jokes stay civil. The Clippers had enough adversity last year they certainly don’t need any more in 2021. That shouldn't be too much of a problem as long as Kawhi and Serge can keep it to small things like elbows to the jaw and avoid the pressing issues of today like... scarves.