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From: NFL Auction
Date: May 29, 2020 at 5:13:37 PM EDT
Subject: NFL Auction Experience – Background Check

Mr. Portnoy,


We wanted to update you on the background and criminal check that was conducted on you in connection with your bid on NFL Auction Item #3136325. As you are aware, and consented to, you were subject to a background check before being declared the winner of this experiential item. 


Based on the background report provided to us, you did not pass the NFL’s background check and therefore we are unable to award you NFL Auction Item #3136325.  In particular, the following incidents were identified: 

  • Falsifying NFL credentials to gain access to Super Bowl LIII Opening Night in Atlanta in 2019 followed by police detainment;
  • After being informed by police that you were banned from entering Mercedes-Benz Stadium, site of Super Bowl LIII, you defied the police directive and attended the game;
  • Criminal trespassing at 345 Park Avenue, the location of NFL headquarters, in 2016;
  • An arrest in 2015 at 345 Park Avenue for criminal trespassing; and
  • Posting nude images of a Patriots player’s two-year old son on the Barstool Sports website in 2011.


Your credit card will not be charged for this item, and all credit card information that you have provided will be deleted from the NFL Auction system. The NFL will donate the amount of the bid of $250,000 to the six nonprofit organizations that have been supporting COVID-19 relief efforts and select a deserving frontline worker to receive the experience. 



NFL Auction