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Jimbo Fisher Bans FSU Players From Going To Bars...Like, Entering Any Bar

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Kind of funny that this is where Florida State football is at now. Well, not funny for the girls who keep getting knocked out, but you know what I mean. Things are so bad that Jimbo can’t even trust his players to GO TO A BAR. Like the act of putting pants on, walking down the street and entering the front door of a bar is now off limits to FSU college football players. The most common activity for college kids across the country for the past 100 years isn’t allowed because they can’t be trusted to not get arrested. Unreal. Sucks so bad for the normal 21 year olds on the team who just like having a good time without beating women or breaking laws in the process, but I guess this is what being part of a team is all about, you take the good with the bad.

Also I’m not sure we’re clear about the meaning of “proactive” in that tweet up there. Waiting until half your team gets arrested before making some new team rules seems little more “reactive” to me.