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The Funniest Thing That Could Happen In 2020 Is Mason Rudolph Keeping The Browns Out Of The Playoffs

Mike Tomlin announced on Tuesday that Big Ben will be resting for the Week 17 finale in Cleveland on Sunday. 

The Steelers clinched the AFC North with Sunday's comeback win against the Colts so of course they're giving the big vet a week off before a hopeful playoff run. That means that, yes, Mason Rudolph will be returning to Cleveland to start again against the Browns in their home stadium. 

It's the first meeting since the infamous brawl / helmet bop on ol' Rudolph's noggin last November. 

Can you imagine? Mason Rudolph going back into Cleveland with the Browns playoff hopes on the line in a win-and-in situation and he pulls off the performance of his career in the very place where the worst moment of his career happened?

Cody Parkey missing a field goal to give Rudolph and the rest of the Steelers backups a chance to get themselves into field goal range for a game winner at the buzzer. Then Rudolph running across the field with his somewhat punchable face just like this: 

It won't happen. Rudolph will have happy feet and be playing with that monster of a sacksmen Myles Garrett breathing down his neck while playing against a backup left tackle for the Steelers. 

The offense will be rough to watch. 

But if it did…and the Mason Miracle of all miracle's happened in Cleveland on Sunday, I think even Browns fans would have to stop, look around, and laugh just a little bit because the timing and circumstances of Rudolph keeping them out of the playoffs would be too damn funny.