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Best Of 2020: The Neighborhood Watch Chronicles: Parts 1, 2, and 3

Sooooo I did a thing over the weekend. I took the train to my grandma's house in New Jersey while she was in the hospital and stole her new Hamilton Beach HBS1400 Revolution blender/ice shaver and pawned it for oxy money. Just kidding, something a little worse. I watched Don't Fuck With Cats on Netflix and got inspired to join a bunch of "neighborhood watch" groups on Facebook. 

Before I started fighting crime, solving mysteries, and watching neighborhoods with my new teammates, I wanted to make sure they were the type of people I could trust. The type of civilians who have no ulterior motives when it comes to keeping their community safe. Unfortunately, I quickly realized that while some of these group members were genuinely kind, helpful, and empathetic, others were judgmental, condescending, snobby, argumentative, nosey, and straight up just in it for all the wrong reasons. Here's "Part 1" of my research study:

Neighborhood: South Buffalo, New York 

Crime: Flagrant Vehicular Vandalism


Part 2 (Preview):



Link to Part 2



Link to Part 3