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Heading Into The Browns Biggest Game In Decades, Cody Parkey Is Still Their Kicker, And Kevin Stefanski Has "A Ton Of Confidence" In Him

So Cody Parkey, notorious doinker, doinked again on Sunday. Another day, another doink with this guy. And he's now missed an extra point in three consecutive games. I'm not a kicking expert, but I think that's bad. Browns fans are officially done with him:

Listen, I know he's 18 for 21 on field goals this year, and he's 40 for 44 on extra points. I'm well aware that there are worse kickers out there. He hasn't been terrible. BUT, there is a lethal combination in play right now. 

The Browns consistent heartbreak and embarrassment + Cody Parkey's consistent doinking + The Browns playing in a huge game

That is a recipe for disaster. I'm not saying Cody Parkey is the worst kicker in the world, but I am saying that there's about a 99% chance that if a kick could send the Browns into the playoffs for the first time in a million years, Parkey is putting it right smack dab in the middle of the upright. You gotta find a new kicker just for that reason. If some random kicker misses, it hurts. If Parkey doinks one, everyone in the world told us so.

But Kevin Stefanski not only disagrees, he has all the confidence in the world in Cody Parkey!

Oh boy. This is playing out just like a horror movie. The Browns need to come out firing on all cylinders on Sunday. Leave no room for needing an important field goal or game tying extra point. I have a feeling we haven't heard the last of big game Cody Parkey.