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Cubs Trade Yu Darvish To The Padres

We all saw this coming because the Cubs suck but that doesn't mean that it's any easier. We're in full on rebuild mode but even so to watch us just bend the knee as Yu Darvish goes to the Padres makes me sick. I can't believe the Cubs fell this fast this hard and it's a complete rebuild. How the fuck do you trade your #1 with Rizzo, Bryant, Baez and Contreras under contract? It's because seemingly every single thing around them is atrocious. 

This is a perfect example of how you can take something nice like the 2016 Cubs core and then completely shit all over it because you're too cheap or stupid to keep Dexter Fowler. Because you traded Jorge Soler for Wade Davis because you already committed $184,000,000 to Jason Heyward. Because Addison Russell is a fucking bum and Tyler Chatwood and Daniel Descalso and blah blah fucking blah. I don't even know how to get mad any more because it just doesn't seem possible. 

The Cubs suck right now. Everyone at that place still getting a paycheck needs to know it. From David Ross to Tom Ricketts to Anthony Rizzo. Literally: the Chicago Cubs suck. It's up to you guys to figure it out and by all means take your time. We're down right now but that doesn't mean forever. So don't take this all personal and be a bunch of pussies when I say we suck. Sometimes you just have to be honest with yourselves and right now honesty says we absolutely fucking suck. 

Lucky you're not alone in this town. Just don't take the next 2 years of rebuilding for granted or else there will be hell to pay. This is the exception to the rule and not the other way around: the Cubs will be back. Mark my goddamn words.