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The Barstool Fund - Squire's Tap Room

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Squire’s Tap Room has a little bit for everyone — a place where people can take their family and enjoy a great meal or where friends can come and enjoy the big game. Either way, this quaint tavern has the menu, bar, and friendly staff drawing people back time and time again.



Reader Email

Hi Barstool Fund,

Squire's Tap Room (  is a 25-year old restaurant in the City of Tonawanda, just 5 miles north of downtown Buffalo. We're a typical American Tavern, great wings, apps, burgers, sandwiches, and home to one of the best Fish Frys in the area. This pandemic has hit us hard. We had big plans for a 25 year anniversary party. Cancelled.

We typically have one big party for our customers on one Sunday a year where we watch the Bills and have fun. We can't even do that during their BEST SEASON SINCE WE OPENED in 1995.

My father, Rick, who's owned and operated this for 25 years, was hoping 2020 would be his swan song. Fat chance of that happening.

Rick turned 65 this year and his stress level is through the roof. He had to have a stent put in this summer. His Uncle died this year. His best man at his wedding passed away in March. Another close friend and loyal customer of his died of COVID a few weeks ago. Another groomsman in his wedding is undergoing Chemo as we speak. It's been a tough year to say the least.

Squire's is currently open, but operating under "takeout only" has slashed our typical revenues IN HALF. We still have employees on the books and they total about 220 hours a week, but as you can imagine, that's eating into everything. My dad wants to keep people employed but his thoughtfulness is certainly coming at a cost.

We don't need a lot. Just to cover employees wages for the month of January and keep 15-plus part-timers happy. Governor Cuomo has done Erie County and the Buffalo area no favors shutting us down right before Thanksgiving, and we're not sure when in-person dining will reopen.

We've done things the right way for 25 years, and our reward for all this hard work is going to be flushed down the toilet soon. It's disheartening to not only my family, but the loyal staff and customers of Squire's Tap Room.

I hope you read this and understand that any amount would help.
Thank You for your time and consideration!

Erich Neuhaus


100% of the net proceeds of the Billt Different merch will go towards the Barstool Fund.