The Barstool Fund - Phoenix Arts Dance Studio (Thanks To Kevin Hayes)

Fund update… just hit 8 million.   Let's keep it going.  Big thank you to everyone including Kevin Hayes who donated to help cover our next business… Phoenix Arts Dance Studio (Blue Bell, PA)

Phoenix Arts Dance Studio provides a learning environment for families by offering month to month enrollment for all dance classes. In addition to the studio, you can also find their program at day-cares, churches, synagogues, and after school classes in five districts locally.



Reader Email

To Whom It May Concern-

My name is Susie Anhorn. I’m a mom of an awesome 9 year old girl first and foremost, but my second love is my business of 11 years- Phoenix Arts, a dance studio in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

My business has had its ups and downs over the course of 11 years like most businesses do. We are a small dance studio offering classes in all areas of technique (ballet, tap, jazz, modern, toddlers). We feature different classes in Acro (dance/gymnastics), all boys classes, and hold a special place for offering special needs services.

About a year before covid, we brought our program in the community- offering dance fitness in an after school setting to four school districts. We ran our classes in daycares and preschools, too.

Once covid hit, we lost the ability to run these programs, but did and still do our best to continue running classes in our dance space. We evolved with the time offering virtual, indoor, outdoor classes along with private lessons, virtual birthday parties, etc. Still, we continued to lose families. When you’re a mom or a parent, your number one priority is your family and you don’t want to do anything that will put your family at risk. Although our space isn’t high risk, it’s still a frightening chance for parents.

My doors are still open. My teachers (I have a staff of five) still come and teach, but we have lost over 40 families- most recently 20 of them this month due to covid and their finances.

I run scholarship funds and often gift families the gift of dance because I truly believe it moves the body and mind helps so much with mental health for these kids to have some consistency during these uncertain times.

Your funding would help continue our business, pay my staff, and leave our doors open… I’m sure there are bigger businesses with better opportunities.. we haven’t been able to get much from the government because of our size, but to even be considered would help more than you know :)

Thank you so much and Happiest of Holidays!

Susie Anhorn