Why The Cowboys Could ACTUALLY Make A Deep Playoff Run If They Take The NFC East

As I sit here pondering the Cowboys comprehensive beat down of the Eagles while simultaneously trying to wipe the image of Skip Bayless pelvic thrusting out of my brain, I am still somewhat stunned by the turn of events that sees a 6 win Cowboys team currently leading the NFC East. 

Seriously… What the fuck is this move? Skip Bayless DEFINITELY does NOT fuck. 

I digress. 

While it would be VERY funny if the Giants won the division with six wins and the Browns got sent packing with ten, maybe eleven, I really believe that if Dallas gets into the playoffs, they might actually do some damage.

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Stop laughing. I’m serious.

Here’s my rationale.

Over the past month, the NFC East has been anything but a doormat when playing outside the division. As I noted in the lead up to this game, East (or Beast as PFT likes to call them) teams have defeated FOUR playoff teams just in the past month. 

And of all the teams in the division, no one is hotter than the Cowboys. Four of Six, with a should-have-been victory (without the Red Rifle) against Pittsburgh. 

The defense, as I noted last night has been SURGING. Get this stat… After being at the bottom of the barrel for the first 9 games of the season, this defense now has 14 takeaways in their last 6 games versus just 7 takeaways in the previous 9. They are playing HUNGRIER than Mike McCarthy in the post game presser talking double double hamburgers. Get that man a goddamn watermelon STAT. 

Not the kind with seeds. 

And let’s talk offense for a minute. While Dalton won’t make anyone forget the Dak issue STILL needs to be addressed in the off season, he’s been the best damn version of himself the past month. Efficient, resourceful, and putting the ball in the right receiver’s hands so they can do damage. Gallup, Amari, and CeeDee are a PROBLEM, and not just for a washed secondary like Philadelphia. For anyone, especially a potential first round Tampa Bay secondary that is currently #22 in the NFL in passing yards given up at 245.8 per game.

The BEST possible scenario is Tampa shitting the bed against Atlanta (Atlanta has been playing spoiler for the last month and change) and the Rams beating the Cardinals next week. Because OMG have you SEEN Jared Goff recently? He’s worse than Kirk Cousins. Legit doo doo right now. Nobody is afraid of the Rams right now, even the Cowboys. 

Look at this. LOOK AT IT. Is that the worst interception of 2020? NO ONE IS AFRAID OF JARED GOFF. 

So once again I can’t believe I’m saying this, but god damn it… the Cowboys might just fuck around and not just win the division, but might JUST POSSIBLY make a deep run. The only NFC team to be afraid of is Green Bay, and we wouldn’t see them until possibly the NFC title game.

And if they do? I might very well forgive them for not tanking for Penei. 

Super Bowl still in the mix. I know it’s a delusion, but my delusion all the same. 

One week at a time of course but who woulda thunk 6 weeks ago I’d be talking about this team in such glowing fashion. 

Not me. 

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