Chris Broussard Not Fact Checking Is Why I'm Team #BrouCrew For Life

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Love this. Absolutely love it. Love that Jim Weber thinks this is some form of diss and love that almost 500 people agreed. Fact Checks? You talking about Fact Checks? Not sources, not multiple sources, fact checks. Come on Jim. That’s not how C-Brou rolls. He tweets first, fact checks never. This is why I’m firmly on team Broussard. He may be annoying as fuck, he may be wrong basically all the time, and his sources may be awful, but none of that matters. Imagine if you were thrown into a high profile reporting position tomorrow and basically had to wing it with rumors and hearsay. That’s Broussard. He’s me if people actually sort of trusted me and thought I was adhering to journalism ethics.  If you can’t get behind a guy like that then I don’t know what you can get behind. Fact checking is for geeks and losers, not Internet Gangsta’s like Broussard.




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Sneaky hilarious that ESPN basically publicly punished Broussard yesterday without him even realizing it. Just made him do His and Hers and Sportscenter while a bunch of Lesbians talked about being gay right in his wonky eye.