Chaos And A Carolina W: A Late Christmas Wish For A Cowboy Fan

With two games left in the season, the Cowboys have 5 wins. And yet, somehow, someway, they still have a statistical chance of making the playoffs.


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Although the odds of Dallas actually hosting a playoff game stand at 6%, remember that’s like 250 times better odds than the Falcons had of losing any of like four games they blew this year. So yeah, there’s a chance.

It doesn’t help that once again the Cowboys are banged up. LVE and the two Woods (Antuan and Xavier) are all out; Zeke is still nursing a calf injury but with Pollard filling in well in his absence, if he sits this weekend I won’t stress.

The Eagles are all giddy because they will be getting Desean Jackson back. He’s missed 24 of the last 31 Eagles games, so I’ll forgive you if you forgot he was still alive. 

These two teams don’t like each other, which always makes for an interesting game. The Cowboys don’t have the luxury of Carson Wentz inexplicably holding the ball and taking eight sacks, so Jalen Hurts might be a problem. The good news for Cowboys fans is that Philly has their own version of Terrence Steele in Matt Pryor, who will face a resurgent Demarcus Lawrence. You can already hear him shitting his pants. Hurts might have a hard time running with 6’3” and 251 pounds of anger bearing down on him on every other play.

On offense, Dalton has looked efficient the past month, and as long as he can keep from throwing stupid interceptions (as he’s known to do the past few years), Dallas should score. He seems to have a better feel for his talented receiver corp, although the lack of the ability to throw a deep ball successfully is troubling, especially with Slay coming back from a concussion and maybe not up to speed yet. 

There is one and only thing Eagles and Cowboys fan share in common: both will be pulling for Carolina to hammer the WFT tomorrow. Washington losing is required for either team to make the playoffs. I like the Panthers chances and think it will happen because everything about the WFT screams “CHOKE” to me.

So I think this game will be close. The Eagles are a -2.5 favorite, but I feel like the Cowboys have a better than even chance of winning this game.