Chick's Cell Phone Battery Dies On The Train And She LOSES IT



Listen, as much as I want to shit on that lady for a having a DEFCON 5 melt down on the train because her cell phone died, I can’t.  I simply can’t.  We’ve all been there.  There’s NOTHING worse than having your cell phone die on you when you’re nowhere near a charger.  The only analogy I can think of is it’d be like a deep sea diver whose air tank runs out while he’s still at the bottom of the ocean.  Pure panic.  You’re helpless.  Think about the times when you head out to the bar for the night and realize your phone is at 18%.  It’s dreadful.  There have been nights where I simply went home early because I realized my phone was gonna die.  What’s the point of being out boozing and having fun if you can’t tweet about it and send late-night texts you’re gonna regret?  There is no point.  It’s like it never even happened then.  There’s also no point to living in general if you can’t have your phone to distract you.  I need to be constantly scrolling through Twitter instead of paying attention to the world around me.  The only thing different this chick did was let the pain escape.  Most people are able to internalize and say, “Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck” to themselves in their head.  Not that lady.  She had a flat out meltdown and I don’t blame her one bit.