One Of The Hottest Sex Scandal Teachers Ever Got THIRTY YEARS In Jail For Banging Three Students

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DM – A judge sentenced a former high school English teacher who pleaded guilty to sexually abusing three male students to up to 30 years in prison Thursday.

Prosecutors say one of the boys was 16 and two were 17 when Brianne Altice had sex with them. The 36-year-old Altice was initially free while her case played out, but was sent to jail in January after it emerged that she continued a sexual relationship with one of the then 17-year-old boys while she was out on bail.

Her lawyer said Altice is a damaged person who gave into daily flirtations from the boys because she was belittled at home and dealing with self-esteem problems.

Altice sent a handwritten letter to Judge Thomas Kay last month asking him not to send her to prison. She said she’s harmless, and promised she wouldn’t repeat the crime.

But Kay said Thursday that she needs to change her life, and he believed that would require prison time.

‘You were the adult, you were the teacher, you were the one that could have stopped that from happening,’ he said.


This story originally broke in 2013 and Old Balls Thornton gave her what I think is one of very few straight A grades in his writeup and I’d say even with all that time gone, that grade holds up. But I guess it’s officially a new world between her and the teacher who got 22 years because “It’s the sentence a man would have gotten.” Doesn’t matter how hot you are, you can’t go around having sex with underaged boys in today’s America and some people just learned that too late. My apologies to Brianne Altice, the 22 years chick, and the Principal from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.


Still, sad to see a sex teacher Hall of Famer go. Love you miss you Miss Altice.


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PS Don’t bring that weak “I’m so damaged” teacher sex excuse shit into Judge Thomas Kay’s court room unless you want to get air quoted to death

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