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Daniel Jones Returns (Again) For The Giants In A Kinda Sorta Must Win Vs. The Ravens

Seth Wenig. Shutterstock Images.

Well shit. It's fair to say that the last couple of weeks haven't exactly broken in the Giants favor which has led to the Washington District of Columbia Football Team of the National Football League being one win and one Giants loss away from an NFC East championship. Oddly enough, Daniel Jones simply refusing to ever lose to the big bad NFC East football team south of Pennsylvania but north of Texas has gone from a punchline to the biggest reason the Giants are still alive this season. 

Anyway, we get our QB1, Pro Bowl CB, and OC back today which will should result in a slightly better product than Sunday night's slop fest vs. the Browns. Well at least the first two guys should help. My scouting report for today is for Patrick Graham's defense not to give up a million yards to Lamar Jackson, for Jason Garrett's offense to instill the power running game that will get Baldy's baldy hard while also taking a few deep shots with a QB that can throw a good deep ball when he's allowed to, and for Thomas McGaughey's special teams to keep their heads squarely out of their asses. If the Giants can do all that, they may just have a chance down in Baltimore considering the advanced analytics say this should be a convincing G-Men win.

From what I can gather, the Ravens are NOT wearing their black uniforms, which I am going to chalk up as Big Blue's first win of the day, and one of the members of the Daniel Jones Hype Group got engaged on Christmas after his now-fiance bought him a nice pair of sunglasses with a small Giants watermark. That is the exact type of juju you want on your team's side as they enter one last playoff push. Can't wait to see Mike and his beautiful bride to be on this year's America's Game.

Let's go Giants. Let's go Panthers. Let's go Cowboys Nothing But Bad Things To Happen In The Eagles-Cowboys Game That Somehow Results In A Tie Because Fuck'em Both.

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UPDATE: Danny has to make throws no matter how much every body part below his waist is barking today.